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The Power of Nothing #blyssbeauty

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Like many women, I have a tiny obsession with makeup and beauty products.

Okay - it may be a bit more than “tiny”…

Sephora is one of my happy places…

However, I also have been increasingly interested in more natural ways to care for my body and have dabbled in making my own products. My body scrub (recipe coming soon) is amazing if I say so myself. My lotion is a train wreck! I’m still trying, though!

That being said, I recently started washing my face before bed and applying nothing! That’s right, no eye cream, no oil, not even retinol – which I think is essential in EVERY woman’s skincare routine – retinol has quite frankly changed my life and no, I am not being over dramatic.

The results I’ve experienced from leaving my face bear, though, have been amazing! My skin feels great and is looking better than it has in months.

I also noticed that my pillows are in really good condition. I usually have to throw out my pillows at least once a year because of product build up and washing them turns them into different pillows; but my pillows – which according to the calendar are ready for replacement – still look brand new.

So, here is how I have reconciled having a squeaky clean face without sacrificing my beloved retinol:

On evenings when I get in late, I thoroughly wash my face and shower. After which I choose to apply nothing – I just dry off, get in my jammies, and jump into bed! When it’s an early evening, I take that opportunity to wash my face and apply my moisturizers, serums, and retinol. Then, right before I go to bed, I wash my face again. As great as my skincare products are, lately my face loves nothing as much as a cool, damp towel!

I know everyone’s skin is different, but I’m willing to bet that this would help anyone’s skincare routine!

Me. With NO makeup. About to go out in public!

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