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Ethereal Elegance

This years’ Met Gala theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” and because of my upbringing (My grandfather was a Baptist church pastor AND my people sent me to Catholic elementary school) and my small obsession with all things Papal and Vatican, I was glued to the Red Carpet last night because let’s face it: fashion and the church are intricately connected!

If you don’t believe me, just pop into any church – especially a predominately African American church – on any given Sunday!

So! When my friend, Tes, called me to discuss Anna Wintour (I’ll come back to her later), I was sitting in the middle of my sofa completely undone, verklempt, and discombobulated by Rihanna’s costume! You’ve seen it by now, I’m sure.

She. Was. The. Damn. Pope!!!

If the theme is Catholicism and you're Rihanna, you're supposed to dress as the Pope, right? I am beyond impressed as you can tell!

Photo credit: By Andrew H. Walker/REX/Shutterstock.

I swear this chick nails it every damn time!

I must share that I suck at theme parties and dress up! I love the idea but somehow, I am just not ever “extra” enough to nail the theme – even when I come up with the idea! So, I just LOVE when people show up to the Met Gala and go hard in the paint like Rihanna consistently does!

I expected people to be more covered up because of the religious theme. I also expected beautiful, angelic, ethereal looks and there was plenty of that. It was beautiful! However, here are the looks of the people whose stylists went above and beyond and I imagine that they had a ball creating these looks! I know I loved seeing them as well as the social media banter that followed!

Photo: By Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images.

Black church people had a field day with Chadwick Bozeman. This tread on Facebook will give you life! There is nothing else really that I can say that wasn’t said there – Luvvie Ajayi is one of my favorite bloggers.

Photo @metgala twitter feed

Now for Queen Anna and her daughter, Bee Shaffer…

This was cause for a phone call (so retro!) and the conversation started something like this:

Me: Hey, girl!

Tes: So, now we can just order our own lighting on the Red Carpet?

Me: Huh? What do you mean?

Tes: Anna Wintour had her own personal lighting on the Carpet tonight!

Me: *still reeling from Rihanna* Really? I haven’t seen it! *starts frantically searching*

Maybe that’s just how and where she was standing…

Tes: Naw – that was intentional!

Me: *lightbulb moment* Oh my God! Light + Dark, Heaven + Hell, God + Satan!!!

Tes: You’ve been watching binging “Lucifer” too much! You may be on to something, though…

Photo: By John Shearer/Getty Images.

Cardi B managed to nail “Virgin Mother” and yes, I get the irony! I love her! Don’t judge me!

Everybody else was, of course, gorgeous but these peeps and their looks triggered the most conversations and reactions in my social media circles! I personally, was done when I saw the fabulous “Pope Rihanna” and was ready to go to bed!

Here's a mashup of some more of my faves!

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