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Fashion Rules

Everyone has their own opinions about what people should and should not wear. Some of us even have very good reasons and logic behind our judgments! (Yes, I judge people and what they’re wearing – all the time! If you are surprised by this you have not been reading my blog!)

However, even though we are all judging (and I know we are), here are the only rules of style to follow...

1. When it fits, you feel it!

Whomever penned this slogan for JC Penny a few years ago is a genius! I absolutely love this because I always ask clients how a garment or outfit feels to them when they are wearing it.

2. When in doubt, DON’T!

If you’re not sure about what you’re wearing, take it off, let it go, and find something else that make you happy!

3. There are no rules!

Wear what you want! If you feel good in it and it brings you joy, that’s what you should be wearing on that day at that time!

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