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Beauty Blyss: Fenty Beauty Review

If you didn’t know, I am totally in love with Rihanna! If I could remember to do a #WCW on my social media, she would be it most weeks!

I am really happy for her and her launch of her beauty line! The buzz I’m hearing out here in these streets is impressive! I am super proud of my friend in my head!

I haven’t had a chance to check it out, but my friend, Lisa went to Sephora to give it a shot! Lisa has been a loyal MAC girl her entire adult life! I will not tell you how long that’s been, but when she texted me about Fenty, my mouth flew wide open. (You see, I’ve been cheating on MAC for quite some time – she has remained mad loyal...)

So, the rest of this post comes from Lisa! My friend who has started cheating on her other makeup for RhiRhi’s hot new beauty line! This is directly from her text messages and yes! I am aware that it sounds a bit like me! Birds of a feather...

“I must've been in Sephora 2 hours playing with makeup.

I ended up with 430 in the foundation. Could've probably done 420 as well. I'm not even using a concealer and we know dang well I usually need a concealer. It's water based and I "feel" like I'm wearing less makeup even though I am fully covered.

Their blot powder was a no for me, too ashy, so I'm still on MAC blot powder but it doesn't need near as much.

The lip-gloss is just ok.”

The comparison...

“First: Fenty (is very wet going on as it is water based) feels good, and felt great going on but, so far, the MAC "matte" effect is lasting longer.

Second: MAC (definitely thicker going on, didn't smooth out as well and I felt like I was using more product). still holding the matte effect but the Fenty side seems a little more natural.

Like I'd wear MAC if I were going for drag queen and Fenty if I were going for brunch."

Followed by:

"I'm on day 2 of Fenty and I think I'm a believer. 😳

I've been wearing MAC for 20 years but this Fenty feels amazing and lasted through a hot bath, mowing the lawn, fell asleep in it and still felt great. Came off easily and reapplied and I kinda secretly love it. 😳"

If I hadn’t planned to try out Fenty Beauty, this review would have changed my mind! Thanks, for sharing, Lisa!

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