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This year’s Met Gala was in honor of Japanese label, Comme des Garçons and its founder, Rei Kawakubo.

So really, you guys? You’re not even going to give Rihanna any competition for this event! You’re just going to lie down and let her get best dressed by default!

One of these days, Queen Anna is going to hire somebody to guard the door and judge the costumes – and I would like to officially submit my application for that gig! “That’s a beautiful dress, honey, but it is not a costume. Go home and try again next year!”

It’s a COSTUME BALL. There is a THEME. Ya’ll could at least make RihRih think she might possibly have a little bit of competition! Make it interesting for us!!!

Obviously, Rihanna was the best dressed and all I can do at this point it show one of the many awesome photos of her and the most awesome tweet about a Met Gala ever…

Getty Images

I can legitimately hear a college professor lecturing her students like this and I am totally here for it!

My friend in my head, Rihanna, won best dressed - again! But Diddy won the whole night – and he won the internet for the day as well…


So, Sean Combs gets to the Met Gala dressed like Count Chocula which is okay because it is a costume ball and this is how he felt compelled to pay homage to Rei Kawakubo. Cool! (That is bling on the cape, by the way...)

He and his lovely date, Cassie take a perfectly lovely arrival photo.

Then, he decides he’s tired, falls out and lounges on the steps while his date, Cassie poses like this is normal behavior. My theory is so we can we his red bottoms and the conversation he had with himself went something like this…

Huffington Post

“I need to make sure the people see these red soles. I know! I’ll just lie down on the steps! That’ll be a playa move!”

Getty Images

Puff, are you trying to "smize"?

The chill deficient internet went nuts and I woke up two days later still giggling about him and his “Count of Monte Negro” (not my moniker - click the link for a great laugh) costume!

Well played, Puffy! Well played…

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