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Crazy for Camouflage

Everyone has at least one obsession. I have several because, OCD (self-diagnosed, un-medicated) – yoga, dance, Sex and the City, shoes + bags… you get the picture!

One of my obsessions happens to be camouflage print! I cannot explain why. I was never in the military and had no desire to be in the military although I am extremely grateful to our brave soldiers and their sacrifices for our freedom. Maybe my gratefulness has morphed its way into my love for camo!

At any rate, my obsession for the print has led to some pretty questionable purchases – like the cropped hoodie I bought at H&M a few weeks ago on a trip with my high school students. I’m sure I am too old to wear cropped anything but my co-worker, Griffin, told me I can totally pull it off! I bought the pink cropped “empowered” hoodie that’s behind it, too, because, pink, and it said “EMPOWERED”, and I was out of town! What else was a girl to do?

Did I stop there? Of course, not! There were matching leggings! I know, I told you – no printed leggings in public! You must have a “lounge at home” wardrobe, though! (Post coming soon…)

Still, I was not completely happy with those leggings. I have a great pair of grey scale camo leggings that I got from Victoria’s Secret several years ago, but I still wanted the traditional green camo print. I took a chance a few months ago and ordered a pair from Amazon and they’re okay – I wear them but they’re a bit on the thin, flimsy side. I love the H&M ones but they have the pink in them and my obsessive search was for the traditional print because, again, OCD (self-diagnosed, un-medicated!)

Then, this happened…

I ran across these on the internet and the original cost was more than $50 (see rules on buying leggings here). They were on sale for half off and since this was a website and a business that I had never heard of before, I decided to give it a shot. I’ve thrown away 30 bucks on less significant quests before!

You guys! They are awesome! I would almost consider wearing these to the grocery store! Almost! They are very well made, super comfy, and perfect for a night of popcorn, wine, and Netflix!

My camouflage obsession does not end with loungewear at home, though! I found a super cute pair of True Religion camo jeans this summer that I bought instead of the camo booty shorts I wanted to buy (and still google sometimes). Sometimes I actually shop like a grown up!

I simply cannot end this post about my love for camo without sharing the pièce de résistance – a garment that brought tears to my eyes at the Dallas Museum of Art a few years ago when they hosted “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk”. I plan to contact him after I acquire my 4th or 5th million because I want this dress…

You guys! It’s a BALL GOWN! A camouflage ball gown!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker wore this gown when she hosted the MTV Awards in 2009.

So, to make a long store longer, I am completely in love with camouflage print and am always in the market for cute camo!

<-- see what I did there?

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