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Bewildered by Booties

I’d like to preface this piece by stating that I am not a fan of the ankle boot. I have one pair. They have red bottoms and they were marked down unbelievably at First Call…

I just don’t understand them! Boots are supposed to keep you warm! These things leave your ankles exposed and cold unless you’re wearing them with long, boot cut or wide legged pants. However, these pants aren’t on trend right now. It’s the slim fit, skinny pant which means there’s awkward space between the top of your boot and the bottom of your pant that apparently NO ONE knows how to deal with in a manner that works!

So! You have this angle boot and if you wear a sock, it’s peeking out of the top of the boot and that looks super awkward! Or, you’re wearing no socks and that just has to be uncomfortable – especially in a hard soled shoe! I even almost always wear socks with my Uggs because boots without socks makes no sense to me!

It is safe to say that ankle boots irk me to no end!

What makes me even more confused is this tan chunky ankle boot that is really, really popular now in Texas (I hope it’s just here).

You guys! These things are hideous! Somebody please help me understand why? Why are these boots so popular? I bet I saw a dozen women in these things within an hour the other day and it just made me angry! They are not cute! At. All.

So, I have to wonder if they’re comfortable! I mean, that’s why Uggs are so popular, right? I can’t even bring myself to go try on a pair because…FUGLY!!! Ya’ll really need to throw those things away and consider other options! Here are some alternatives for you…

This is a bootie by Steve Madden that I like because it has a slightly taller shaft. This eliminates that strange space between the shoe and your bottom piece – that space is NOT okay, you guys! Seriously! It looks horrible! Stop it!

Here’s a novel, innovative idea! How about an actual BOOT? It’s winter time and you need to keep warm – that’s the purpose of boots! This one even comes in that tan shade that people seem to like so much…

Whatever you do, please stop in the name of all that is beautiful, and fashionable with these little booties! Seriously – you’re gonna get pneumonia of the talus!

Anytime you see an ensemble or piece you love on the blog, you can email Lys and she will be happy to secure the item(s) for you!

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