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When in Doubt, Be Extra!

I rarely click on videos on line because – ADD (self-diagnosed, non-medicated)! However, I ran across the cutest one of these little girls dancing in a gym somewhere in “Urban USA”. That means, they were cute Black girls, full of Black girl magic! As they were leaving the center of the basketball court, the last (and littlest) one put on the biggest, most over dramatic show I think I have ever seen! It was adorable. It was hilarious. And the caption was, “When in Doubt, Be Extra!” I embedded the video at the end for your enjoyment! (My first video on the blog! Yay!)

I. Love. This!

I have adopted this as my 2017 motto! So, what could be more “extra” than this amazing, dramatic Adrianna Papell structured cape sheath dress I ran across while shopping for a client? The drama of the cape is perfect for days when you just want to show the world that you are super woman! This dress is gorgeous and really affordable!

It will always be okay to over dress! Always. Seriously…

Be extra with the luxurylyst in 2017!

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