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My Love Affair with Gucci

Dearest Gucci…

We quit! (for those of you that did not attend elementary school in the Midwest, that’s what you told your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” when you wanted to break up – usually within an hour or two of “going together”!)

It's been a long time coming, but I have finally come to the sad realization that my favorite Italian fashion house is no longer what it once was and that I am no longer a fan…

I mean, seriously! I get that every creative director has their own vision but REALLY!!! Ever since Tom Ford left to do his own fabulous thing, things have been looking worse by the season! The stuff I’m seeing in their store window…on their Instagram feed…on their Facebook page…only brings one consistent thought to mind. “Euro Trash”. The leather is a horrible quality – I could literally sleep on my horse bit hobo from the Tom Ford Era – this stuff looks like plastic now! And what’s up with all the damn flowers? I mean, did they NOT hear Miranda Priestley’s comment about florals? (Yes, I know she’s not a real person but still!!!)

Now, grant it, every brand has its flashy, trashy side that we all know and love – like my ridiculously over the top Louis Vuitton that I use for travel; and that a boyfriend broke up with me over because I’m “bougie”! (*shrug* sorry, not sorry – he liked my style at first, but that’s a whole other blog!)

But I digress (I may still be a bit bitter about that) and go back to my main idea! The over the top flashy pieces from these beloved houses should be outliers and Gucci, you have turned it into the norm! I literally walked by the store the other day, rolled my eyes, smacked my lips, and did not go inside. In fact, I haven’t wanted to go inside there in forever!

So, I’m sorry to the Gucci I loved as a girl and to that amazing Gucci museum in my beloved Firenze that brought tears to my eyes, but I just cannot with you anymore! I know you’re not going to lose a single dime from our break-up and I’m the only one hurt behind this separation! I really hope the quality of your products improves soon and I can reconcile with you!

Until then, I’m going to consider some grief counseling…

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