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Make Your Lyst and Check it Twice!

Happy Holidays!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

No matter what holiday(s) you choose to celebrate, they all involve gift giving. I do not believe in giving out gifts just for the sake of saying you gave somebody something. I have been stuck with more crap that I would never wear or never want to use and it was clear that these people were not concerned with my interests or likes! Don't be that girl! Do not be that guy! It is such a myth that people are thinking of you just because there's a gift for you. It is the thought that counts and trust me, people know when no thought was put into a gift!

Also, I love shopping. However, I detest – I mean absolutely abhor – shopping during the holiday season! People are crazy! And incredibly rude! I mean, really! Was Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah a surprise? It shouldn’t be! It comes around every year at the same time, people!!!

Now that it's off my chest, let's talk about some great gift ideas that don't involve the craziness of holiday shopping! That's another soap box issue that I am going to avoid!

Give to charity

Chances are your loved ones have everything they could possibly want or need. If they do not and you can help, do so by all means! If your family is covered, however, consider donating some time, food, money, or old clothes and belongings to a great area charity. It is great to get amazing gifts, but it really is better to give than to receive.

Make the presents!

Are you particularly crafty? Do you love to bake? Make something for the special people in your life and merchandise it up so that it's super cute. I like to make body scrub and put them in French terrines for the women and peppermint hand sanitizer in little festive spray bottles for the guys. I try to have enough handy for everyone that stops by for a visit or for everyone if I'm going to a party or gathering. (If you heard "Monica Geller" saying, "Make the presents", when you read that title, you're definitely my people!)

Gift cards

Let's face it! Cash is king and when it comes to fashionistas like us, a gift card to our favorite store (if the people in our lives know where those are) is probably the best gift choice ever. The same holds true for just about everyone else. You'd know if you have a loved one that does not like to shop! My mother was one of those types but she had some favorite restaurants...

Whatever you do, be truly thoughtful or don't bother!

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