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Should We be Concerned about Cam?

Let’s pause and have a moment of silence for the nonsensical tomfoolery that was Cam Newton’s press conference outfit yesterday…

I am so confused! So. Damn Confused…

What in the universe were he and his stylist thinking? Why did anybody over the age of 2 think this was a good flipping idea? This is coming from a woman who usually checks out is outfits and nods approvingly - I like his quirky style. THIS, however, is disturbing!!!

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it…

I’m concerned! Is this beautiful boy going through something? (I can call him a boy – I’m old enough to be his …aunt – not his mama, his aunt! His super cool aunty! Play aunty because we are not related and I would totally fall for his game if he hit on me!) Sorry – got distracted!

I have so many questions!

Has he had a personal tragedy that hasn’t been made public?

Does he need to go have a talk with somebody?

Does he need to go lie on the sofa of a professional?

Are the Carolina Panthers using him to divert our attention away from their horrible record this season?

Why is it okay for him to recreate Jim Carrey’s costume from “The Mask”?

What stylist thought this costume was okay?

Why does he look like he's been kidnapped?

Why does he look frightened?

And most importantly, why are there people that think it is okay for a grown man who is not an octogenarian to wear shoes with Velcro?

Whatever it is, Cam has given us something to talk about. And his gorgeous ass is back on my drool radar!

Do you, Beautiful Boy! Be boldly, un-apologetically you...

But seriously - get some help if you're going through something!!!

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