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Wearing Wedges Well...

One of my favorite things to do is sit and people watch. Lately I have seen lots of beautiful wedges and espadrilles teetering about town. Unfortunately, some of my fabulous fashionistas have missed the mark! I think it's time for a small guide on how to where them! This has been a hard post to do! Looking for pics has been quite a chore.


Wear wedges with leggings (that are made to be worn alone - another post...) or skinny pants and jeans.

Wear wedges with cropped pants

Wear wedges with wide leg pants of any length. I like to wear mine with a pair of denim culottes that I love to rock during the summer.

Be careful with dresses - wedges are really cute with A-line dresses because they balance out the chunkiness of the shoe. Anything else may look awkward. It depends on the shoe, the dress, and the body that's rockin' it!


Don't ever, ever ever wear wedges to a formal, black tie affair! Wedges and espadrilles are casual shoes and not meant for dressy events.

Do not wear a wedge if you can not walk in them! Practice before your go out! Take it from me - I am Dangerprone Daphne herself! I still wear them though - my ankles hate me!

Do not wear the wedge if there is any doubt in your mind that you are anything less than stunning in your outfit!

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