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Love Letter to Neiman Marcus

Dear Neiman Marcus…

Let’s start with good things! I went in for my annual bra fitting to make sure I was still wearing the same size – this is very important to ensure your fabulous clothes look good on you! Well, the bra Emily, my awesome sales clerk, gave me to ensure the fit after she measured me is the most amazing feeling bra I have ever had and I’ve been wearing bras since I was 9 years old (I was a fluffy kid). I bought the “tester” bra and have since bought 5 more of them. They feel that great! I know that all garments don’t fit the same on everyone, so if you’re slightly busty like me, this one may really work for you!

It’s called the Chantelle Parisian 4-Part Plunge Underwire Bra and when I just had the one, I was washing it in the sink every night so I could wear it the next day. I have never done that with a bra before!

I love you, Neiman Marcus! I really do!

However, can you please make some sort of corporate effort to reduce your carbon footprint? I ordered 3 bras last week. Three. Little. Bitty. Bras. (I’m a small girl!) They came in 2 big boxes! I get that the bras had to come from 2 different places, but why boxes? And why were they so ginormous? (Yes, that’s a word now!) AND why was there enough tissue paper in there for about 40 gifts?

Come on, guys! All of this for 3 little bras?!?! I would have been fine with my packages arriving in boxes much smaller than that! Or even a plastic mailer, even though that may have caused the misshaping of the delicate fabric, so smaller boxes – with less tissue - would have been just fine! Seriously!

So, thank you, dear Emily and dear Neiman Marcus, for always providing excellent and over the top service; and seriously, Neiman Marcus – ease up on the excess packaging! We’ll still love you – probably even more! I promise!

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